It starts with a Dream.... Add a caring Coach, Great curriculum, Years of practice.... This DREAM turns into one pretty Terrific GROWNUP...

Please make all checks for tuition payable to:

Kids Fitness Unlimited


Payments are due on the first lesson of each month. After the 10th of each month there is a $10 late fee. We do not pro rate monthly tuition or give tuition credit for classes not attended Pro rating is only given on the first month of enrollment. Please make sure all checks have child’s name and class written in memo area. There is a $15. charge for returned checks. Yearly membership is $30 per year, our membership year is September.


Parents must give written notice, one week prior to withdrawing a student, otherwise the parent will be billed for the entire next months tuition.

Make Ups

No credits or refunds will be given for classes not attended. Students may make up a maximum of two missed classes a month. Missed classes must be made up within two weeks of being missed. Competitive team members are not eligible for make ups.


Classes will start on time. Drop off for class is no more than 15 minutes prior to class starting. Please pick up students on time from class. Please do not leave siblings at the gym unattended.
No one is to go on equipment or in training area. Always be aware in the parking lot and do not play in parking lot.


Girls must wear a leotard, boys a t-shirt and shorts. No jeans, shorts, or pants with zippers, buckles, or buttons. Hair must be tied back at all times. No jewelry allowed. Girls must have their own grip and hand care kit.


Must sit quietly and stay in observation areas. DO NOT enter training areas. All children not in class must be supervised at all times and out of training areas and off all and any equipment. Children must not play in parking lot. Please there is no coaching from the side lines from any one observing classes.


Valuable items should not be brought to the gym. Kona Aerials Gymnastics Club, Kid’s Fitness Unlimited and all of its agents will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.


Holidays will include: Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

We reserve the right to refuse service

Kona Aerials Gymnastics Club and its agents reserve the right to cancel a students membership at any time or refuse service. There are no refunds.